Community Coverage: Geocache Your Way To Plainview

One way Plainview is being seen worldwide is through something called geocaching. Geocaching is a scavenger hunt done on the worldwide scene through the Internet and global position system technology. Plainview is using that worldwide audience as a marketing tool to spread the word about the town and they're calling it "The Great Plainview Cattle Drive".

"The goal is to raise awareness of Plainview in the theme of the cows and get people off of I-27 who might buzz right through here and not ever stop," Plainview resident Curtis King said.

It's the hope of the Plainview Chamber of Commerce that this will spread the word about Plainview, Texas everywhere.

"There are like 45,000 people like me that are registered on this in every country. Every state in the union and every country in the world really. So we're hoping they go all over Texas for sure and all over the United States and hopefully, across some of the oceans," King said.

Plainview is using mini cows in this marketing push, reason being, the town is using a cow theme to market their town and this is an extension of that.

You can take part in the fun by activating your account for free by (click here).

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