Community Coverage: Plainview Doctor Douglas Cummins

Healthwise Thursday night, NewsChannel 11 introduces you to Dr. Douglas Cummins.

He's a general surgeon in Plainview and says he loves being able to provide big city procedures in a small town environment. But he adds you just have to understand that a quiet evening out at a nice restaurant could turn into a follow up visit from someone sitting in the next booth.

"There have been a couple instances, but one when I was new to town, I had taken care of a person's ingrown toe nail, well in the Cotton Patch restaurant he came up to me and took his shoe off and said doc, what do you think of my toe?" Dr. Cummins said.

He says the oddest request he ever had was from a patient after it had been raining for a couple weeks. He said, "Doc, my driveway is really muddy and I have to park and walk a long way to the house. Can I just stay in the hospital overnight?"

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