Community Coverage: Cattle Means Big Business in Plainview

"The city of Plainview has someone working here or they work here or they work in businesses directly impacted by the plant," General Manager at Cargill Meat Solutions Jim Rathke said.

Rathke says it's a billion dollar company. They ship nearly three million pounds of meat a day; that's 300 cows processed every hour.

"From when the animal comes in until we get this in the package, it takes about an hour," Rathke said.

Nearly every organ of the cow is sold and a lot of ground beef is manufactured.

"This plant manufactures enough ground beef a week to feed every person in Houston a quarter pounder," Rathke said.

It's a major business that keeps Plainview moving in the money.

"Our annual payroll is $32.5 million, and a lot of that money is funneled back into the community," Rathke said.

That's an estimated $1.4 billion a year thanks to this beef bearing business.

"I don't know what Plainview would look like without this facility," Rathke said.

From cattle to corn, Plainview is home to Azteca corn milling plant, Casa Rica Tortillas and other big business like the Wal-Mart Distribution Center.

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