Community Coverage: Ralls Auto Pulse Machine

Healthwise Friday night, NewsChannel 11 introduces you to Newel Watson.

Watson is the Associate Director of EMS in Ralls, and he says he is very proud of something new they have here that a lot of paramedics have not even seen yet. It's called the Autopulse machine and it's similar to a defibrillator in that it helps a patient whose heart has stopped. Instead of the typical CPR where someone pumps the chest, which can be tiring after a long period, the Autopulse keeps the heart going automatically with just a beep to say when you need to give the patient a breath.

"It's not a defibrillator. It does compressions for you during CPR. It's a CPR board you strap them on and it actually does the compressions for you. At the time when we first looked at it, we thought there's no way we could ever afford this, but with the Wheeler Foundation, we applied for a grant and got it. We feel very fortunate to have it. I think it really, really will help save lives," Newel said.

Newel says saving lives is very personal in Ralls because it's such a small, close knit community that EMS knows when it gets a call, they will likely know the person who needs help.

The good news is the City of Ralls is proud to be one of the only towns on the South Plains to have this $15,000 Autopulse machine.

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