Community Coverage: Ralls Candy Shop Is Making Mouths Water All Over The Globe

We have had dinner, but now it is about time for dessert and Ralls is just the place to find it. Located in the heart of Ralls, the Lone Star Candy Company is making mouths water all over the globe.

From the outside, it is hard to tell what the Lone Star Candy Company is cooking up. However, inside owner and candy maker Georgia Browder mixes candies fit for a president.

"We made chocolate covered peanut brittle this year for the President, all the senators and all the congressmen. Last year we did peanut brittle and peanut paddies for the President," Georgia said.

Learning to make peanut brittle from her mother 20 years ago, this candy maker has gone from selling it at art shows across the country to her largest candy shop yet.

"It was about a 12 by 24. We out grew that first year, and we bought another building which was about four times as big and we out grew it in about two years. And now 6,000 square feet, we could see we could out grow it too," Georgia adds.

Starting with just peanut brittle, more than 25 candies and a dozen fudges come out of Georgia's kitchen. On top of that, she makes a signature candy that while labor intensive definitely worth a taste.

"We like nuts, and we like caramel, so we decided to put the two together. We drizzled a little chocolate on that because everyone likes chocolate and the coloring reminded me of Tiger strips, so we called it Tiger Paws," Georgia said.

So what's her secret?

Georgia says it is the freshness and the hand-made love that goes into every candy they make.

"This is caramel we've been making for the last hour, and I'm fixing to dip it and make more Tiger Paws," Georgia said.

Originally, making candy on her own, Georgia now receives help from her husband, son and daughter-in-law.

"Next step is to drizzle chocolate and its sugar free and really yummy and to drizzle just like that," Georgia's daughter-in-law Michelle Tanner said.

"We put a lot of love in it, and it's what we like to do, and it's good stuff and nothing never goes out of here if it's not good," Georgia said.

Recently, the Lone Star Candy Company started supplying Allsups with their tasty pralines.

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