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Congressman Randy Neugebauer Votes Against New Farm Bill

An increase in taxes was the main reason Congressman Randy Neugebauer voted against the new farm bill that passed in the house Friday.

Neugebauer tells NewsChannel 11 he voted in favor of a farm bill that would not increase taxes, but voted against the final house version that would have increased taxes to pay for new spending.

In a statement Neugebauer says, "Despite assurances that a tax increase would not be part of this bill, that's exactly what happened.....the addition of this tax increase pits agriculture against companies that provide jobs to millions of Americans."

The legislation combines billions in aid for farmers with low-income nutrition programs. It would devote more money to conservation, renewable energy, and nutrition and specialty crop programs.

But it also would provide subsidies to producers of major crops when prices are at a record high. The plan also imposes new taxes on certain multinational companies with US subsidiaries.

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