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Drunk Driving Crash Kills Lubbock Man and Lands LCU Student Behind Bars

Source: Lubbock Co. Sheriff's Dept. Source: Lubbock Co. Sheriff's Dept.

NewsChannel 11 is learning more about a drunk driving crash that killed a Lubbock man and put a Lubbock Christian University student behind bars. Jerica Hart is charged with Intoxicated Assault after hitting Matthew Paul Henderson, 39, around 2 a.m. Sunday. Henderson was walking across the street in the 1500 block of University at the time. He died at UMC Monday morning.

"Any time a pedestrian crosses the street they're required to use a cross walk. However if they chose to cross without a cross walk they're required to yield to the traffic," Corporal Tim Seely with the Lubbock Police Department said.

Police tell NewsChannel 11 Henderson failed to yield to the right of way of traffic, but they add that Hart's blood alcohol level was more than two times the legal limit.

Stefanie Fleming is a friend of Jerica Hart's and a fellow student at Lubbock Christian University. She says the girls were celebrating a birthday, but says she does not know where Hart got the alcohol. So at this point it's something that is still unclear.

A friend's car smashed up and another in jail, an ending to a Saturday night Stefanie Fleming never imagined.

"It was a big shock and took me a little while to get used it. I called my mom last night, and I was really upset by it. I guess you just never really expect it to have it happen to one of your friends," Fleming said.

"A waiter at the end asked us if we were doing anything tonight, as a bunch of guys were getting together and asked if we wanted to go. I do not know if she went. I know she left her number," Fleming said.

Fleming tells NewsChannel 11 she and Jerica Hart, along with some other girls, were celebrating a friend's birthday, first going to dinner at Applebee's. The girls apparently then went to a movie.

"We went and saw No Reservations and as soon as that was over I rode back with Jerica," Fleming said. 

Fleming says they returned to Lubbock Christian University about 9:30 Saturday night and that's the last she saw her.

"I saw Jerica leave and that was the last time I saw her. I just saw her pulling out of the Court Yard and she was in her car," Fleming adds.

But at some point later in the evening, Flemings says Hart and another friend reportedly headed back out for the night.

"Somebody said they went to a friend's house, her and Ashley did. Then Jerica asked if she could borrow Ashley's car to go do something. She said yeah and so she left. I guess that's when it happened," Fleming said.

Hours later, that friend reportedly got a phone call from Hart.

"She got a call Saturday night and it was Jerika and from somebody else's phone, I don't know who. But called and said I wrecked your car, I'm sorry. I can't explain anything. So all she knew was her car was wrecked," Fleming said.

So Fleming tells NewsChannel 11 the car Hart was driving during the crash was not her own car. Again, we are still trying to learn where Hart got the alcohol, as she is underage. 

Police tell NewsChannel 11 charges against Hart could be upgraded since Henderson died.  

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