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DPS Trooper Caught on Video Breaking Glass

His job is to serve and protect the people. But you're about to see his behavior that shows another side to this DPS trooper.  

The home video was shot Sunday, July 15th just after 2:30 in the morning at the Gateway at Lubbock Apartment complex hot tub.  He may not be in uniform, but you're looking at video of a DPS trooper carrying a dark colored bottle.  It appears to be a beer bottle. He's not drinking out of it, but this video shows him pouring out the contents in the bushes.

This video clearly shows the trooper deliberately dropping the bottle causing it to shatter. The witness who shot this footage lives at the apartment. He told us residents of Gateway haven't been able to use the pool days at a time, for the past couple of months because of broken glass. He didn't want to be on camera, but instead, gave us this statement of what he saw that night. 

He says he was up late studying and happened to be sitting next to his window when he saw the trooper "escort a group" of college students out of the pool area, which is off limits after hours.  Our tipster says after the students left, he watched the trooper walk "around the hot tub suspiciously slow, surveying the area". He says that's when he saw the trooper "reach down and pick up a bottle" and "throw it."  He "grabbed his camera" and immediately recorded what he was witnessing.

And that's where the video starts.  You can see the trooper pick up "another bottle." Our tipster says he saw him "smash it on the ground and use his foot to kick the glass into the water" of the hot tub.  

According to the Gateway property management, the trooper was living at his apartment rent free, in exchange he would provide security on the grounds. The Gateway property manager confirmed the person in this video is the DPS officer and says they have asked him to find another place to live.

We then went to DPS to confront his supervisors.  They were already aware of what had happened, although, they were not aware he was kicked out of his apartment.  

DPS spokesman Corporal John Gonzales confirmed the department is conducting an internal investigation and does not know if charges will be filed.  We tried to get a comment from the trooper, however, Gonzales says the trooper is not allowed to speak to the media because of the investigation.

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