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Mud Closes Some Lubbock County Roads

It's a muddy road that some Lubbock County residents say have left them stuck, literally. County Road 7500, just off Slide, is closed and has been since April. It's forcing some residents in the area to use alternate routes and one of those residents called NewsChannel 11 looking for answers.

"Until they get rid of this water problem, their going to have the same problem over and over and over," Sam Gentry said.

Gentry was Lubbock County's Road Supervisor for 16 years. He's since retired and now drives in this area every day, but says he's been forced to find alternate routes.

"It's been a problem probably 5 years," Gentry said.

Gentry tells NewsChannel 11 muddy roads have left four-wheel drive vehicles and even farm tractors stranded. As we've been reporting since Spring, above average rainfall has created a muddy mess across the county. But in this case, it's so bad that CR 7500 has been closed since April.

"It'll have to be built back up, you have plenty of land and excess dirt here, but you've got to get rid of the weeds and debris and what all is in here," Gentry said. 

NewsChannel 11 contacted Nick Olenik, the Director of Public Works for the county. He's in charge of 890 miles of dirt roads in Lubbock County and he says the county wants to repair the roads and county commissioners have approved nearly $400,000 to do so, but what they need now is some dry weather.

This road in particular is a special case. Olenik says it's a right-of-way issue. With dry weather, the county can make this road functional, but as far as a long term solution, he says they need help from the owners. That's because the county needs 100 feet of right of way and at this point, an agreement hasn't been made.

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