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New Web Site Shows Which Gas Stations May Not Be Giving You Your Money's Worth

More than 100 gas pumps in Texas are not giving you your money's worth. Tuesday, for the first time, the Texas Agriculture Department started publishing its inspections and they show some drivers are getting short-changed.

The Texas Department of Agriculture is required to inspect individual gas stations at least once every four years. Tuesday, they started publishing those inspections online for the first time--and this first round shows inspections from the last 60 days. Three area stations are on that list, and Tuesday NewsChannel 11 called them to find out what their violations mean.

Once you swipe your card at any gas station, you can literally see your money flowing away.

Besides high prices, here's something more to fuel your fire. More than 100 stations are short-changing drivers around Texas. The Texas Agriculture Department is making it easy to find out which gas stations aren't pumping properly.

"We are making it easily available for consumers across Texas to log onto our web site to see if gas station in their local area are short-changing them," says Beverly Boyd, the spokesperson for the Texas Agriculture Department.

And that's exactly what we did. NewsChannel 11 found some stations in our area that failed inspection.

On the list: Wood Pride located at 7822 82nd. The compliance report states that it was improperly maintained.

"That could be anywhere from a leaky gas hose to improper maintenance around the pump just some minor violations," Boyd said.

Management at Wood Pride tells NewsChannel 11 a pump was the problem and it has been replaced.

Also on the list Wylie LP Gas in Matador. The violation is stated a short measure in excess of tolerance. This means that the pump has shorted consumers by at least six tablespoons per five gallons. The department allows a variation of about six tablespoons per five gallons of gas.

Management for Wylie LP Gas tells NewsChannel 11 that particular pump is solely for company use and the problem is in the process of being fixed.

Farmers Co-op Association of Enochs in Bailey County is on the list for "two times the tolerance." That means the pump has shorted consumers by at least 12 tablespoons of gas per five gallons.

NewsChannel 11 was unable to locate a contact number for this station.

Short-changed or not, some drivers say the inspections won't change where they buy gas.

This list does appear to be good news for Lubbock drivers. NewsChannel 11 didn't see any area convenience stores or grocery stores on the list, places that most drivers buy gas. However, towns like Abilene, Houston and San Antonio saw popular gas stations with several violations.

Click here for a complete list of the stations in violation of state code.

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