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Major Traffic Changes Imminent for Lubbock Drivers

August will bring a significant amount of traffic changes along the freeway, including an opportunity to drive on the freeway main lanes for the first time ever.

On Friday, the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) will switch westbound traffic from existing lanes to the new frontage roads from Avenue L to Uvalde. This move splits up the east and west bound traffic for the first time in that location. By late September, traffic will be running on the new frontage roads from Avenue L to 4th Street, just west of Boston.

Freeway main lanes will also be open to Lubbock drivers this month for the first time. Motorists will actually be traveling on the main lanes from 4th Street at the Coliseum to 19th Street. It is the first time that drivers have been "into the cut" since Phase 2 of the project started in May of 2005.

Traffic will be detoured onto the main lanes mid-August so contractors can excavate on the south side to prepare for construction of the eastbound lanes. Westbound Brownfield Highway traffic will be detoured on August 14. Eastbound traffic will be moved into the cut on the 17th.

Contractors will excavate more than 600,000 cubic yards of dirt on the south side of the Brownfield Highway to prepare for the construction of the eastbound main lanes from University to 19th Street. Motorists are still driving on the old pavement, but that will be removed with the excavation. About 400,000 cubic yards of the dirt will be stockpiled. The dirt is earmarked for future projects such as the Northwest Passage, Spur 327 and Phase 5 of the freeway which includes bridges at Milwaukee, Spur 327 and Upland.

By the end of the year, traffic will be traveling on the new main lanes all the way from 4th Street to Vicksburg Avenue.

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