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CPSC Reveals Top Five Hidden Home Dangers

The Consumer Product Safety Commission released its list of top five hidden home hazards Wednesday. They are dangers ranging from tiny magnets to heavy furniture that could harm your children. Chances are, one or more is in your home.

The CPSC says some of the biggest home dangers are hiding in plain sight. Toy magnets may be great fun for kids, but they top the CPSC's list of five hidden home hazards.

"More than one in a child's system can be deadly," CPSC spokeswoman Julie Vallese said.

Vallese says the magnet's attraction works the same way inside the body and could block a child's intestines.

Hazard number two includes toys and other products that have been recalled.

They may be "products that you may be using every single day things like your child's high chair or their sippy cup or the coffee pot," Vallese said.

Number three, tip over dangers posed by top heavy furniture. Furniture can be anchored with cables, and big screen televisions can be secured with fasteners. Even something as heavy as a stove can be a tipping hazard. You can easily fix it with brackets, which should come with newer stoves. If you don't have one, you can order on online made just for your appliance.

Windows and coverings are another hazard said Vallese. "If you do have children, you do want to put a window guard in the window, so that if they push against it, they won't fall out. Make sure it's securely anchored inside the window.

Blind cords need to be anchored or separated, so they don't form a loop.

"On average there are twelve children who die every year from strangulation from window coverings," Vallese said. 

Last, but not least, pool and spa drains without protective covers. They can provide incredible suction, enough to hold a child, or perhaps even an adult under water.

The CPSC says it doesn't take a lot of money to keep your home safe, just a little time and attention.

The CPSC advises consumers to check its website for recalled products, or receive alerts about recalled products through your e-mail.

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