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City Issues Hundreds Of Tickets To Red Light Runners

Over the past month, hundreds of Lubbock residents have gotten traffic violation letters in the mail. That's because since July 1st the city's red light cameras have been snapping pictures of Lubbock drivers.

So far, red light cameras have more than 1,400 people in trouble. They have snapped photos of drivers running red lights and making illegal right turns.

Just weeks after running a red light, Rex Brewer is now having to pay a $75 fine. Brewer says he was shocked when he received a violation letter in the mail, and even after reading it, he and others still question if they broke the law.

"The light is red and speed shows 17mph. Why am I doing 17 miles per hour going into an intersection?" Brewer said.

Red light runner Sulema Rivera adds she didn't run a right turn.

"I was turning real slow, that's all," Rivera said.

However Lubbock Police say that's still a violation. 

"You have to stop, make sure there's no pedestrian traffic coming and that's where the safety factor comes in. When this lights is red pedestrian traffic can now cross," Captain James Shavers said.

Every image taken at red light camera is first sent to American Traffic Solutions. Violations are filtered out, and video and pictures are then sent to the Lubbock Police Department for final decision. 

"We get every image before it goes out, and they only get two choices we have is accept it as a good violation or reject as a bad violation, " Captain Shavers said.

However, Rivera thinks in her ticket was a bad one, and she didn't break the law.

It takes about 2 weeks from the time you run the red light until you get the ticket in the mail. NewsChannel 11 also asked city officials if these cameras are improving the safety of Lubbock roads. We were told right now it's still too early to tell.

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