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Removable Tattoos

Have you ever considered getting a tattoo, but then changed your mind, thinking what will that picture look like when I'm 80 years old?

Scientists at Brown University think they may have come up with a solution. Dr. Edith Mathiowitz says they have developed a permanent, but removable, tattoo ink.

"The idea in this new ink is to take safe pigments in different colors and different solubilities and encapsulate them in safe polymers. The result is having a new tattoo that can be implanted the same way they're applying tattoos and can stay there forever in a safe way because the pigment is really contained in the capsule," Brown University researcher Dr. Edith Mathiowitz, PhD said.

Polymers are microscopic molecules which they are using as a capsule to trap the ink inside. So, if you change your mind about a tattoo years later, Dr. Mathiowitz says one laser treatment will burst the capsule.

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