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The Samurai Shark: Does It Work?

The Samurai Shark makes old dull blades sharp as new. I've got a few of those types of knives laying around in my house. When it comes to cutting a tomato, they're worthless! But let's see what this $10 investment can do, or will it be a dud, just like my knives?

First, I need to sharpen my skills on how to use this thing. The directions say to put the Samurai Shark on the edge of a table, or in this case, a countertop and then sharpen.  I wonder how many times I am going to have to do this?  I guess until it feels sharp?  "That should do it."

Let's try out this knife. I have a total of three knives I want to sharpen, including a steak knife. One more thing, the Samurai Shark sharpens scissors hopefully kitchen shears too? Why not!

Ok, the moment we have all been waiting for - let's see how it cuts a tomato.  "Oh my goodness, look how thin that is!" I couldn't believe it. I had to put NO effort into cutting the tomato. Before, the knives would take forever to even cut the skin of the tomato.

The other knives were just as sharp! This was amazing and I was impressed!

What about those scissors? Before sharpening, the household scissors struggled to cut through thick plastic packaging. Afterwards, the scissors had no problems. The kitchens shears appeared to be just as sharp when I cut through a plastic bag of spinach. Before, I had to find that "right" spot on the shears to cut the bag.

This product will cost you $10 and it's worth every penny! We picked ours up at Bed Bath and Beyond in Lubbock.

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