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Former Lubbock Chief of Staff Drops Grievance

The City's former chief of staff has dropped his grievance and terminated the hearing scheduled to resume August 16.

Fernando Bustos, the adjudicating attorney in the grievance hearing, notified City Manager Lee Ann Dumbauld via fax today that Dixon Platt had withdrawn his complaint.

"We stand by the findings from our investigation and the subsequent action that was taken," said Dumbauld. "Dixon admitted in his testimony that all of the findings in the investigation were true."

Platt was terminated May 10 after an extensive investigation of allegations that he had a history of inappropriate and offensive behavior. He later requested a grievance hearing and requested it be open to the public. Two days of testimony were heard in late July before the proceeding was recessed until mid-August.

"I believe the citizens were well served in this matter," said Dumbauld. "We will not tolerate racist, sexist or insensitive remarks."

NewsChannel 11 is told that Mr. Platt is reserving his right to sue the city of Lubbock.

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