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Former Lubbock City Council Chief Of Staff Drops Grievance

A lawsuit has not yet been filed, but Dixon Platt is dropping his grievance against the City of Lubbock.

Platt was fired as City Council Chief of Staff in May after an internal investigation accused him of racist and sexist comments to and about city staffers and elected officials.

Last week, NewsChannel 11 sat in on a two day hearing which was supposed to resume on August 16th. But Friday's developments mean they will not continue.

On Friday afternoon, Platt's attorney sent a letter to the city by fax saying the hearings were flawed. In addition, Platt himself has even said, "No offense to witches, but this has been a witch hunt from the beginning."

Platt's attorney Frank Hill sent the city attorney Fernando Bustos a fax informing the city that Platt was dropping his grievance.

Hill tells NewsChannel 11, "It just will not meet a minimum standard of constitutionally due process."

That letter reads, Mr. Dixon Platt, has decided that the hearing, which began a few days ago before you, is fatally flawed. It goes on to state they asked Bustos to recuse himself, but he declined.

"We think as a matter of law, the city government can't put one of its own lawyers up to be the judge for a case like this. It doesn't work," Hill said.

The city sent out a release Friday but did not comment on that specific claim. However, City Manager Lee Ann Dumbauld said, "We stand by the findings from our investigation and the subsequent action that was taken. Dixon admitted in his testimony that all of the findings in the investigation were true."

As we first told you last week, Platt claimed that he was never approached about "inappropriate remarks" until they were alleged. Those alleged remarks were part of last week's two days hearings, which the fax states showed "That his (Platt's) employment has been sacrificed on the altar of political vindictiveness."

However while Platt felt the hearings were flawed, Hill says testimony was going their way.

"We thought the testimony was solidly in favor of Dixon after the first two days. And he reviewed his options about where to go from here, and I'm fairly certain there will be other proceedings," Hill said.

In the city's release, Dumbauld also says, "I believe the citizens were all well served by this matter." Again, Platt may consider a federal lawsuit against the city.

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