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The Merimon Family's Hope Continues

Musicians took the stage at Buffalo Springs Lake Saturday to help raise money for the family of missing Lubbock woman Peggy Merimon.

You may recall Merimon was last seen leaving the Lubbock State School with her co-worker Kay Harrelson August 9, 2006, 360 days ago today. Harrelson's body was found days later, but almost a year after her disappearance, search crews are still looking for Merimon. 

"I'd say somewhere around $14,000," said Gearl Merimon

And  $14,000 and 360 day's later Gearl hasn't lost hope in finding his wife of nearly 24 years, Peggy.

"I'm hoping that if I don't find her that somebody does," Gearl said.

Gearl has searched for his wife every weekend since her disappearance, and that $14,000 has come in handy as some of the terrain they search on can only be searched by ATV or 4WD vehicle.

"My brothers put up about 90 percent of it, and we've had some donations too. So its helped out a lot from people donating so it's coming in different directions," Gearl said. "My personal goal it so that there's no room left. To completely fill it [concert] up," Gearl said.

Compared to the search as a whole, the $12 people will pay to enjoy the live acts, for many, is a small price to pay to help a grieving husband find his missing wife.

"I know the anniversary's coming up. I don't consider it really an anniversary but a sad day really, and I haven't decided what I'm going to do on that day or where I'm going to be," Gearl said.

Gearl added that he will be out searching again Sunday.

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