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South Beach Club Closes Its Doors as the City Moves Closer to a New Visitor's Center

It was the last hurrah for one local nightclub, after the city decided to take the reins and transform the building into a future visitor's center for Lubbock.

The city is another step closer to opening it's visitor's center downtown. Saturday night club goers had their final dance at South Beach. Chris Gonzales, the owner of the club says it was a bittersweet ending after a 3 year haul.

"It was mixed emotions, of course it was sad. All our employees were real emotional and we were sad as well," Gonzales said.

The city is headed to the next phase of their development process. With the tenants out, they plan to decide whether to renovate the existing structure or construct a new building. But the club owners aren't happy with the latest progression.

"It's no secret that were really against it, we think it's a dumb move for the city council," Gonzales said.

Gonzales tells us that police have always been heavy-handed outside the club, but on their final night they actually came in and made sure the club would be shutting its doors for the last time.

"Four bike patrolmen came in and told everybody to get out and that there was no more South Beach and it was time to leave, and that ruined our night. They came in and kicked the doors down and said that's it, pull the plug," Gonzales explains.

But these club owners aren't completely pulling the plug; they plan to open the doors of another club in just a few weeks right across the street. The new venue will be called the Depot Cotton Club. The owner's of the South Beach Club say they do plan to reopen South Beach at another venue.

As for the city's visitor's center, once the architectural design is determined it's expected to be presented to the city council within the next eight months.

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