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Plainview Man Dead After Being Shot By Hale County Sheriff's Deputy

A Plainview man is dead after he was shot by a Hale County Sheriff's Deputy early Monday morning.

Family members of 35-year-old Jose Vasquez say they called on law enforcement officials to protect Jose, not to take his life.

It all began around 3:50 Friday morning when Hale County Sheriff's Deputy Brett Wright responded to a 911 call made from the 1300 Block of 34th Street.

Family members tell NewsChannel 11 when they called 911, they informed dispatch that Jose Vasquez suffered from schizophrenia and had tackled his brother in the front yard.

Jose's brother Juan says when Deputy Wright arrived he asked him to restrain his brother and call for an ambulance. Juan says at that time Jose was attempting to break down the door and fell. Juan says Deputy Wright at that point had an opportunity to restrain his brother but did not.

Juan's brother then ran around the residence and picked up an eye hoe. Juan says Jose attempted to swing at him. Juan says he had no idea that Deputy Wright had drawn his gun. He only heard the shot and saw his brother fall to the ground.

The Hale County Sheriff's Office says Deputy Wright had to use deadly force to protect himself and another person at the scene. Deputy Wright has been with the Hale County Sheriff's Office for seven years.

The investigation has now been turned over to the Texas Rangers.

The family of Jose Vasquez says they can't make funeral arrangements until Jose's autopsy results come in.

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