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Casas For CASA Continues To Help Lubbock Kids

The Casas For CASA fundraising raffle rolls on, and this year the goal is to raise $30,000 for CASA. NewsChannel 11 has teamed up with CASA to help them raise money as they continue to support children from the Lubbock area.

Whether they're neglected, abused or in the foster program, CASA, or Court Appointed Special Advocates, doesn't discriminate and works hard to find these special children good homes. This year CASA has two goals for the money raised.

"The first goal is to make sure the community is aware of CASA, the cause that CASA has, and the need in our community to help our children that are faced with abuse and neglect. The second goal is to generate revenue," CASA's DirectorAlan Read said.

With that revenue, CASA will hire new support staff which, in turn, can train more volunteers.

"We just can't keep up at this present rate," Read said.

There are nearly 350 children in Lubbock that CASA can't help right now due to a lack of staff.

"Every month in Lubbock alone, 120 or so children are taken from their home because of abuse or neglect and they're placed in the foster care system," Read added.

Last year, CASA's goal was to raise $8,000. When it was all said and done, they raised $25,000, and with that they were able to hire a new case worker to handle more children. This year's goal is $30,000, and that money can't come soon enough.

"We are maxed out, and frankly, it's because of the need for more volunteers and the need for additional support staff," Read said.

CASA's message to everyone on the South Plains, "We need people to know more about the cause. We want everybody in the community to come out and at least take a look at these beautiful play houses and be a part of something bigger than themselves," Read said.

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