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The Go Duster: Does It Work?

"Oh yeah, that's some dirty stuff," I say, referring to my blinds.  "Oh, and look at these fans. They are dirty!"

With the Go Duster in the room, it apparently isn't blinded by dirt or a big fan of it either.  Check out the package.  The duster comes in two different sizes. It has the regular dusting head and the mini dusting head for your electronics.  All you need are four double "A" batteries and may the force be with you.

Before you get started, spray on duster.  The package comes with a multi-purpose spray that boosts performance.  Make sure, before you get started, watch out for tassels.

I would remove any dangling objects. The Go Duster was easy and fun to use on the blinds. "I'd say its doing a pretty good job. You can't really see it on your TV screens at home,  but the left side of the blinds was cleaner than the right side.  Spinning onward...

I found a mound of dust on a rack of TV trays.  The Go Duster had dust flying all over the place. "It's great for hard to reach areas," I said.

Now, for the moment of truth and a chore I hate to do.  "The dusty fan."

I mean, this go duster had dust bunnies spinning out of control.  It was so bad, I had to plug my nose.   "I can't see what I'm doing!"  The dust was really thick! 

The Go Duster easily dusts the glass light covers.  About five minutes of torture go by, "I'm telling you this is so dirty."   The fan came out clean! I can't say that for myself.

"I wonder if it will dust humans?"

The Go Duster is a go!  It works!   This product will cost you about $20.  We bought ours at Bed Bath and Beyond in Lubbock.

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