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Listen Lubbock Survey Shows A Lack of Confidence in City Hall

Lubbock voters have a lack of confidence in Lubbock City Council members. That's according to the results of a three week study by the group ListenLubbock.

The group held a series of six town hall meetings, which gave voters a chance to share their views about Lubbock's proposed $300 million bond package. One message that is loud and clear in the results of this survey, Lubbock voters are overwhelmingly against holding a bond election this November.

ListenLubbock's survey has one member of the Lubbock City Council all ears.

"I'm not in support of putting this bond package forward to the citizens. I think we need to regain their trust," City Councilwoman Linda DeLeon said.

DeLeon is referring to the results of ListenLubbock's survey regarding the city's proposed $300 million bond package.

ListenLubbock's goal was to do just that -- listen.

In a scientific poll conducted by ListenLubbock, more than 8,000 postcards were distributed with a response rate of just under 18 percent. The result, a negative response.

The study specifically states the general public sentiment toward City Hall is extremely negative. This sentiment is directed particularly toward the Mayor, but the City Council and City Manager as well.

"People who came to listening sessions, people who responded to survey, basically you could describe it as general sentiment of distrust. It was a general sentiment of anger toward city leadership," Chairman of ListenLubbock Greg Bruce said.

"What we're doing is a catch-up because of past administrations and council that wanted to glorify themselves and say we're lowering taxes, but at the same time we're deteriorating facilities we're responsible for," DeLeon said.

The study also showed voters feel there is a lack of strategic direction. Specifically the perception exists that the City of Lubbock lacks a well articulated master plan for the growth, management of projects and long term development of Lubbock.

However, there were two projects in the bond proposal that received some voter support. Fifty percent of voters would most likely approve funds for public safety and street improvements.

"There is a great deal of interest about the future of Lubbock. The choices that the council have to make are going to be difficult," Bruce said.

DeLeon say the results of this survey has her listening.

"Time out. We're asking the citizens to give us an opportunity," DeLeon said.

NewsChannel 11 called all city council members Wednesday. Most tell us they hadn't read the survey yet, so they couldn't comment.

John Leonard tells us he will vote against the bond proposal. The mayor was the only one not to return our phone call.

Read the Findings From the Listen Lubbock Political Action Committee
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