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Expert Panel Reports on the Safety of Bisphenol

Today, a little bit of relief for the plastics industry.

Bisphenol is one of its most widely used chemicals whose safety has been under scrutiny, since that chemical is found in baby bottles, canned food containers, water jugs and many other plastics.

Environmentalists and some scientists have claimed that the chemical can lead to prostate cancer, reproductive and developmental problems.

Wednesday, a government panel decided those fears are unfounded. However, the panel said they do have "some concern" that the chemical may affect the nervous system and behavior.

"We're concerned about that. We think that there needs to be more work done to flesh out what those animal effects really are," Dr. Robert Chapin, National Institutes of Health panel chair.

The panel reviewed more than 700 studies, but since most were on animals, they're asking for more study.

Meanwhile, there is already a class action lawsuit against six baby bottle manufacturers whose products contain BPA.

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