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Lubbock Voters Show Disapproval Of City Leaders & Bond Package

The results of a voter survey show overwhelming disapproval of the proposed $300 million bond package, and NewsChannel 11 has learned City Council may discussed a revised package during Thursday's meeting.

Sources tell us a revised bond package could be for less money, and focus mainly on roads and some park improvements.  Lubbock voters seem to agree that roads need improvement.  Out of all the projects in the proposed in the $300 million package, roads and public safety seemed to have the public's support.

Those results came from a three week study by ListenLubbock.  Something else that study showed was a lack of confidence in city government.

"The confidence factor is at an all time low here; we've got to get back on track, and until we do that, funding for all these things they want is not going to happen," Kelley Davis told NewsChannel 11 during the July 19th Listening Session. 

Davis' was one of the first comments NewsChannel 11 heard during ListenLubbock's first listening session, and it appears a majority of people agreed.

"Basically you could describe it as a general sentiment of distrust, general sentiment of anger toward city leadership," ListenLubbock Chairman Greg Bruce said. 

The responses came from more than just the meetings, though.  Voters also voiced their concerns through a ListenLubbock survey.

"What really got my attention was the survey," Lubbock City Councilwoman Linda DeLeon said. 

More than 8,000 postcards went out to people across the city, and around 1,400 sent back their response, again mostly negative, by about a 1 to 4 ratio.

In fact only two projects seemed to grab voter support, with 50% saying they would most likely approve funding for public safety and street improvements.

"What I'm hoping is that this council that we have now has really listened to the citizens and are now going to be responsible and have a budget that will start putting money in to maintaining the facilities that we have before you try to bring other facilities on-line," DeLeon said. 

DeLeon says maintenance is a problem that's been building.

"I'm saying this budget really doesn't do enough, but we're creeping in the right direction. What we're doing is a catch up, because of past administrations and councils that wanted to glorify themselves and say we're lowering taxes, but at the same time were deteriorating the facilities that we're responsible for," DeLeon said. 

DeLeon says there is a lot of interest about the future of Lubbock, and now...

"I am not in support of putting the bond package forward to the citizens. I think that we need to regain their trust," DeLeon said. 

Lubbock City Councilman John Leonard tells us he will also vote against the $300 million bond package.

If you would like to check out ListenLubbock's results for yourself, click on the link below.

NewsChannel 11 will have crews at Thursday's council meeting to bring folks the latest on this package, and any revised proposals presented.

Read the Findings From the Listen Lubbock Political Action Committee
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