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Lubbock City Council Not to Go Forward With Bond Election

There will not be a City of Lubbock bond election this November. Thursday morning, the council made a unanimous decision not to move forward with the proposed $300 million bond package.

The decision comes one day after NewsChannel 11 revealed the results of a citizen survey conducted by Listen Lubbock. That survey found most citizens were not in support of the bond proposal.

NewsChannel 11 was at city hall as council members decided not to call for a November bond election, as it all came down to listening to voters concerns and wants.

Lubbock Mayor David Miller started the discussions by recommending no action be taken on the bond items. "We would take no action on these agenda items today and as a result they would die," said Miller.

Each Lubbock City Council member then took the floor, agreeing with the Mayor.

"It's not cost affective and the right thing to do," Councilman Todd Klein said.

Councilman Jim Gilbreath added, "If we move forward now I think that's what it would be, a referendum about this council not about the projects and I don't want to see the projects jeopardized because of that."

A feeling that Councilmen John Leonard says has been growing.

"It felt like the thing to do was to take a break. The sentiment kinda grew in council and the numbers grew and there today it was unanimous," said Leonard.

Councilman Floyd Price said, "This is the right thing to do. To back off and hold up and get the input from the rest of citizens and all the committee and everything and go forward from there."

But not forever. Councilwoman Phyllis Jones says the Citizens Advisory Committee work, which brought forth the bond package at the council's request, is not a waste. Instead, the group has laid foundation for possibly another bond package at a different time.

"We could prove to our citizens that there tax money will be used wisely. Then within a year, they can see some substantial improvements in our facilities. I think that would take us a long way in getting the citizens to support us in a bond election in the future," Councilwoman Linda DeLeon said.

"The frustration won't remain as long as the city council clears up some of the things we're talking about today and then at some point this bond comes back," Vicki Nixon, Co-Chair of the Citizens Advisory Committee said.

Since the council decided not to take, it means the $300 million bond package dies. However, council members say they still want to use the work of the Citizens Advisory Committee and look at a bond package sometime in the future, which could be fall of 2008.

Read the Findings From the Listen Lubbock Political Action Committee
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