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Food for Thought Report 8.9

You'll find our first top performer downtown at the corner of Main and Ave J. BDG at 1106 Ave J serves up coffee, sweets and ready to go sandwiches for those in a hurry.

Our next top performer is just about a block over at 1212 Ave. K, but instead of heading to Cathy's Downtown this caterer takes her goodies wherever you need.

And our final top performer spices up the idea of a restaurant and catering all into one. My Lips Are Sealed at 4411 19th Street cooks up homemade casseroles and desserts, all you have to do is stop by to pick one up for the family, or they can cater a feast for many.

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Food for Thought 8.9
Here is a complete list of the restaurants and their violations for the week ending on 8/9/07.

Now to our low performers.

The restaurant at Hillcrest Country Club at 4011 North Boston Avenue had nine critical violations.

  • Multiple food items including; ham, turkey, ground beef and tuna salad were above the safe cold hold of 41 degrees.
  • Beans were not at least 135 degrees.
  • Employee's uncovered drinks were above food contact surfaces.
  • Several cans were dented and a bag containing potatoes was wet.
  • An open packed of cheese cubes was thrown out after raw brisket was leaking blood next to the cheese cubes.
  • There were no date mark on all packages of lunch meat.
  • Toxic items were stored next to food items.
  • The facility did not have a tip-sensitive thermometer.
  • Multiple food contact surfaces were soiled, including; a meat slicer, can opener and a moldy ice machine.

Management at Hillcrest says all violations have been corrected. According to the report, most of the violations were corrected while the inspector was present.

Inspectors cited Pinocchio's Pizza at 5404 4th Street with 11 critical violations.

  • Several items in a walk-in refrigerator were not at 41 degrees or below.
  • The report states that the refrigerator's door is damaged and must be manually shut to keep the cold air inside, but employees are not closing the door.
  • Employees were not washing their hands because there
  • was no soap, towels or
  • cold water at a hand sink.
  • A cup of marinara sauce in a walk-in cooler was very moldy.
  • Ready to eat and potentially hazardous foods were not date marked.
  • Flies were on bacon bits at the salad bar.
  • A toxic item was not labeled.
  • The facility did not have a tip-sensitive thermometer.
  • Several food contact surfaces were soiled, including; a moldy ice machine.

After repeated attempts, no one answered our phone calls at Pinocchio's. The report shows most violations were corrected at the time of the inspection.

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