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Lubbock Housing Department Recognized for Transitioning 84 Residents Out of Poverty

The City of Lubbock's Community Development Department has been recognized by the Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs (TDHCA) for transitioning 84 area residents out of poverty under TDHCA's Community Services Block Grant (CSBG) Program. The organization has received a $15,000 performance award from TDHCA for its efforts to help low income Texans achieve self-sufficiency.

The city was one of seven state CSBG contract entities acknowledged for its superior performance. All seven exceeded 100 percent of its performance target, with Lubbock's Community Development Department surpassing its goal by 210 percent.

"Helping Texans achieve self-sufficiency is the top priority for CSBG funds and a critical component of the Department's mission. We value our partnership with successful agencies such as Lubbock's Community Development Department in this worthwhile endeavor," said Michael Gerber, TDHCA Executive Director. "Some may measure the success of a poverty initiative by the number of people it helps. We are measuring success by the number of people who no longer need that help."

"The City of Lubbock is honored to be recognized by TDHCA for our self-sufficiency program," said Nancy Haney, Executive Director of Community Services. "This program is successful due the outstanding partnerships the City has developed with our non-profit service providers, Catholic Family Services and Independent Living. Through the diligent efforts of City staff and our partners, 84 Texans have transitioned out of poverty in Lubbock County and are now working toward reaching their dreams. The City salutes TDHCA for their visionary leadership in this program."

Gerber noted that in 2006 the Department challenged Texas' 47 CSBG partners to transition a total of 3,000 Texans out of poverty, essentially asking each organization to double its average annual performance.

"Considering that it often takes as many as three years for an individual to make the transition, I applaud how many of our CSBG partners stepped up and became more efficient than ever," he said. "Our CSBG network reports that about 11,000 individuals are currently working to move out of poverty. I am hopeful that within the next few years, Texans will be moving out of poverty in numbers well beyond our original goal."

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services is the funding source for the CSBG Program. Federal law requires states to assign the highest priority for the use of CSBG funds to moving individuals to self-sufficiency and a point where they no longer require other forms of public assistance.

TDHCA funds CSBG eligible entities for the delivery of services to low income residents in all 254 Texas counties. These funds support a variety of direct services in addition to helping maintain the core administrative elements of these local organizations.

The City of Lubbock's Community Development Department may be contacted directly at (806)775-2301.

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