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Two Former City Council Members Sign DeLeon Recall Petition

The petition attempting to recall Lubbock City Councilwoman Linda DeLeon is due Monday.

NewsChannel 11 has learned that two former city council members have signed the petition. Victor Hernandez and Maggie Trejo have both signed the petition this time around but didn't sign the first one.

Hernandez tells NewsChannel 11 he has signed the petition as quote, "a result of folks being harassed and even as late as this week, people have been confronted by who I thought were friends of the community and being bullied into submission. I decided to sign it and I challenge anybody to come and bully me into submission because it's not going to happen."

This is the second recall effort. The city originally claimed the first petition failed by 22 signatures. A recount showed it failed by 41 signatures. NewsChannel 11 used a private auditor to recount the signatures and that audit showed the petition failed by just nine signatures the first time.

Maggie Trejo says she felt the city was picky with those signatures and that's one reason she's signing it. Another is what she calls a lack of response from DeLeon.

Trejo says, "When I was a city council person, I always found the opportunity to call back even if I did not have an answer. We set up a meeting with Linda DeLeon about three years ago to better the neighborhood and still haven't heard back from her."

About 500 signatures are needed to put a recall election on the ballot. Petition organizers have said they didn't feel like DeLeon was representing the minority community.

NewsChannel 11 called DeLeon Friday evening and she says she will just wait and see what happens Monday. DeLeon was re-elected to a second term in May of 2006.

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