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Printers & Indoor Pollution

Printers have become a standard part of home electronics and with that come the risk of indoor pollution

At least that's according to a recent study out of Queensland University in Australia that determined some printers can emit dust particles large enough to enter the lungs.

That sounds scary and that's why printer technicians, like Mike Baker,  want to alleviate fears.

Baker says it's likely that when some printers are polluters, because they're not well maintained.

"Only if they're extremely dirty. If they're well maintained they will not emit anything at all. If you look at the vents on the sides of the machine, if you see dust building up there, that's coming from outside the machine," said Baker.

The study did not investigate if the particles were any more harmful than house dust but studies are continuing.

In the meantime, baker says if you're worried; keep your printer in a well ventilated area and make sure that it is serviced correctly.

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