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City Rallies for Little Leaguers

The city is showing their support as the Western Little League All Stars get set to play ball. Even though it was a scorcher, it didn't stop Lubbockites from hitting the field to help pump up the team.

For these 11 little leaguers, it's a dream they never imagined would come true. But center fielder Zane Ancell is glad it did.

"You don't think about a dream like this coming true, but it did," Zane Ancell said.

Re-Max of Lubbock hosted a pep rally Thursday night to help player's families raise money for the cost of their trip to Pennsylvania. During the pep rally, which raised more than $24,000, hundreds of people cheered on these ballplayers to bring back a championship. The benches were filled with fans all rooting on the red and gray.

"It's a great unifying thing for our city, they're bringing us together as a community," Lubbock Mayor Miller said. 

The success isn't just bringing the community together. Team Manager Edward Thorne says it's bringing his family together as well.

"You see your son achieve a goal that very few kids in the world get to do. I can't think of anything that's brought my son and I closer together," Thorne said.

The kids aren't complaining. Lately these little leaguers have felt more like big leaguers. Busy signing autographs for their adoring fans. But once these kids hit the field, they're serious about winning.

Lubbock Western's first game is on Saturday against Coon Rapids, Minnesota at 5 p.m. The game will be broadcast on ESPN.

Send your thoughts and best wishes to the Lubbock Western All-Stars
Lubbock Western All-Stars are headed to the Southwest Region Semifinals in Waco.  Address your email to to send them your thoughts, encouragement, and best wishes on their journey.

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