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HealthWise at 5 From 3.6

  • Genetics and Thyroid Disorder

More than three-quarters of all Americans don't realize that thyroid disease runs in families so says the American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists. Researchers show strong links between Thyroid Disease and other autoimmune diseases including certain types of Diabetes, Anemia, and Arthritis. Although Thyroid Disease is a serious condition, it can often be treated with a daily pill. You can learn more about the disease and how to examine your own Thyroid with a simple "neck check" by (clicking here ).

  • Kids and Pain

Kids tolerate pain much better of they're told in advance that it's goind to hurt. That's according to Canadian researchers who recently studied 60 kids in potentially painful situations. Half were told by a parent to expect medium pain, while the others were told nothing. Researchers found that kids who got the pain warning reported much less pain, whether or not they expected it. The bottom line, honesty is the best policy, especially when preparing a child for a dose of pain.

  • Our Aging Population

A new report by the United Nations says the world's popuation is aging rapidly. In fact, it says the percentage of people 60 and over will double in the next 50 years. UN officials say right now one in ten people on earth are 60 or over. By 2050, it will be one in five and by 2150, one-third of the earth's population will be over the age of 60. UN officials say the figures are a result of declining birth and death rates and will have a huge effect on everything from economic growth to health care. By the way, the study says Japan is the world's oldest country with a median age of 41.

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