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NewsChannel 11 Shows You How To Test Children's Toys For Lead Paint

For a complete list of toys affected (click here).

Another massive Mattel toy recall leaves Hub City parents worrying about their children's safety. NewsChannel 11 told you Tuesday that Mattel was recalling more than 18 million Chinese made toys.

The company is voluntarily recalling Sarge from the "CARS" die-cast set because it may contain lead paint. Several other toys including Batman, Doggie Day Care and Polly Pocket Play Sets are also recalled. They may contain small magnets which can come loose and be easy for a child to swallow.

"The concern is if the child is not feeding or drinking or is having breathing problems. If there's a potential for a foreign body it's not something you have to rush into the ER but it's something they ought to be evaluated for," UMC Medical Director of the Emergency Center Dr. Joe Sasin said.

As for the lead paint, prolonged exposure could affect a child's brain and development.

Therefore, with these recent recalls, NewsChannel 11 wants to make sure your kids are safe and show you how to test toys for lead.

Donna Routon is a grandmother of two and has the recalled Sarge toy. She says this recall comes as a shock.

"[It's] because CARS is a good company I thought. The way the kids have liked the promotion of it and stuff, I know both of my grandkids like it really well," Routon said.

Now Routon says her granddaughter will no longer be playing with Sarge.

"I'm going to get rid of it. I'm going to bring it back because I don't want her having something that's going to be that toxic," Sarge adds.

This is the second time Mattel's recalled toys due to high levels of lead in paint. Just two weeks ago, Aloma Asbury learned her son's Diego toy was not safe.  Asbury says after another recall, at home testing of children's' toys is a good idea.

So NewsChannel 11 went looking for an at home lead check and found one at Lowes just off South Loop 289. 

Back at the studio, with kit in hand, we wanted to see how these popular children's toys made in China would test.

According to the instructions, we must break the glass in lead check swab at two points labeled A and B. Then shake it until a yellow liquid starts coming out and swab the toy for 30 seconds. According to the directions, if the paint on the toy has lead in it the swab will turn red or pink. In our case, the two Tomas the Tank Engines we tested produced negative results.

For a complete list of toys affected (click here).

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