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Parson Wishes She Hadn't Taken Baby

Source: Curry County Sheriff Source: Curry County Sheriff
Mychael Darthard Dawodu Mychael Darthard Dawodu

New developments from Lubbock Federal Court, where the woman accused of stealing a baby from Covenant Hospital, pleaded guilty to federal kidnapping charges.  It's a story NewsChannel 11 broke online at

Rayshaun Parson is now speaking through her attorney.  Her attorney, Helen Liggett tells NewsChannel 11:

"Rayshaun knows the pain of losing a baby since she's lost a baby herself, and she never wanted to inflict that kind of pain on any other mother.  She said if she thought about it at the time, for a second, that she would be causing that pain for another mother - she never would have taken that baby".

Liggett says the one thing Parson kept saying over and over was that she wishes more than anything in the world that she'd never taken that baby.

NewsChannel 11 spoke with prosecutors shortly after Thursday's guilty plea.  She faces anywhere from 20-years to life in prison for the federal, aggravated kidnapping charge.

Back on March 10th, Parson took three-day-old Mychael Darthard Dawodu from Covenant Lakeside Medical Center.  Authorities found the baby one day later in Clovis, New Mexico.

Parson's attorney had planned to plead insanity, according to court papers, but Thursday, Parson apparently decided to plead guilty.

"It was a significant case to us because of the circumstances, being a three-day-old baby being taken from the hospital, obviously it causes a great concern by all people," Assistant U.S. Attorney Steven Sucsy said. 

Parson had originally pleaded not guilty back in April, and her trial was scheduled to begin on Monday.

A sentencing date has not been set, but we're told it could be up to three months from now. Parson will remain in federal custody until that time.

The infant's mother was in court Thursday.  She did not comment, other than to say the baby is doing good. For Your Mobile Devices
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