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Petition Organizers Protest at Lubbock City Hall

A decision by the Lubbock City Secretary's Office is prompting a protest from petition organizers.

Thursday, organizers behind the petition filed to call a recall election of City Council woman Linda DeLeon, in what they called a peaceful protest. That afternoon, they took their concerns to Lubbock City Hall and handed out flyers, stating their concerns.

The protest comes one day after Lubbock City Secretary Becky Garza announced a third party observer would not be allowed to watch as the signatures were counted.

Petition organizer Armando Gonzales said, "We want the integrity of the count to be such that there is no room for criticism." Petition supporter Cheri Holmes added, "This is part of an overall problem we see in the affairs of the city."

The Lubbock City Manager said the decision was the City Secretary's, and added she received advice from the Secretary of State's Office.

City Manager Lee Ann Dumbauld said, "It is certainly the right of the citizens and we encourage people to express their wishes."

The signatures are expected to be counted by next Wednesday.

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