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Drugs In Schools An Epidemic

A warning for parents whose kids are about to return to high school or middle school.

"The corridors and classrooms of our nation's middle and high schools are so infested with drugs, that for many students, school days have become school daze," said Joseph Califano with the National Center on Addiction & Substance Abuse.

That's what officials from the National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse at Columbia University are saying after the results of a telephone survey that quizzed 1,000 students and hundreds of parents across the country.

The survey found a dramatic jump in the number of students exposed to drugs in schools  since 2002. From 44 to 61 percent in high schools, and from 19 to 31 percent, that's almost a third, in middle schools.   

The survey also suggests that parental attitude is a major risk factor, because out of the 500 parents surveyed, only 11 percent said that drugs are a major concern, but most said they were more worried about sex.

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