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City Explains Different Signature Count In Petition Recall

For the first time, the City of Lubbock is explaining why the count of signatures was different in the original petition effort to recall City Councilwoman Linda DeLeon.

Lubbock City Manager Lee Ann Dumbauld says, "Once she (City Secretary Becky Garza) established that there aren't enough signatures,  it doesn't matter whether it's five signatures that fell short or if it's 100. Although we may not have expressed that as well last time we had this process, this is the reason the count was different each time."

Dumbauld made that statement Thursday afternoon as petition organizers protested the city's decision not to allow a third party observer watch the validation process for their second petition.

You'll recall the city originally claimed the first petition failed by 22 signatures and the recount showed it failed by 41 signatures. That's why organizers wanted a third party in this effort.

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