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Viewer Response to Consider This on Little Leaguers Big For Lubbock

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I agree completely with Dan Jackson's "Consider This" without exception. He has hit the nail on the head in all of the areas pertaining to our city government. I wish I could recall my vote for the Mayor.

Dan, I would like to hear more of your comments. They are very informative and only a fool could continue to ingnore them. I tell everyone I know to listen to NewsChannel 11 and to back Dan Jackson!

One thing that might be added occasionally is suggestions for the citizens about what actions we might take to insure that we get control of our government back in alignment with the wishes of the citizens.

Please continue to enlighten and motivate us with your insights!!!

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To whom it may concern,

I know I felt the same way alot of Lubbock homeowners felt. Receiving calls from family & friends near & far, that they had heard of the Little Leaguers making it to the World Series. And how proud we all were of those boys. And the memories they are making in there lives. But for a city in which we live in, that wants ever so much to promote the ( GIANT  SIDE OF TEXAS ), sure missed the Big opportunity to step up to the PLATE. The boys know all about strikes & balls. Looks like ( GIANT ) has strike 1 against them. 2 strikes to go & your out.Or are you waiting for the balls, to take a walk.

Come on LBB City of alot of Talk , Step up to the Plate. Help these boys out.

Why did they have to make this trip on funds of there own & private businesses.

Consider This... Little Leaguers Big for Lubbock
NewsChannel 11 General Manager Dan Jackson congratulates the Lubbock Western All-Stars on their historical trip to the Little League World Series.

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