Celebrex May Help Prevent Skin Cancer - KCBD NewsChannel 11 Lubbock


Celebrex May Help Prevent Skin Cancer

The same ingredient that eases the pain of arthritis for millions of people may also prevent the ill effects of sunburn. Researchers at Ohio State Medical Center have been rubbing Celebrex in cream form onto mice that were exposed to ultraviolet sunlight.

During 25 weeks of sun exposure, half the mice got the Celebrex rub immediately after time in the sun. It turns out the mice with Celebrex had 50% fewer skin cancer lesions than the other mice, and if they did have tumors, they developed later and were smaller in size.

Researchers aren't certain yet how the drug worked against skin cancer. It looks promising, but right now a topical version of Celebrex is not safe for humans.

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