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Lubbock Shoppers Take Advantage of Tax Free Holiday

If you plan to save during Texas' annual Tax Free Weekend, the race is on.

Shoppers across Texas can now purchase clothes, backpacks, and shoes and many other items under $100, tax free.

NewsChannel 11 talked with Wal-Mart shoppers just minutes after midnight, and they told us this weekend is worth the wait.

"If you're going to spend the time to shop anywhere and you're going to spend that much money, then I think it's worth it," Jennfire Benavides said.

"More of it's that they have so many sales," said Corrie Boivin. "So, on top of the sales and then not paying the taxes... it does save!"

Don't forget, you can enjoy tax free shopping online as well.

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List Of Items Included in Sales Tax Holiday Weekend
Tax free shopping ends Sunday. Here's a complete list of all the clothing and footwear included or exempt from the sales tax holiday.

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