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Major League Advice to the Western Little League All-Stars

Little League fever is growing here in Lubbock, and it seems everyone has an opinion on how far the team will go in the World Series. And who better to make a prediction on the future of the Western All-Stars than some of Lubbock's baseball greats.

NewsChannel 11 caught up with one man, who it seems was, born with baseball in his blood.

Matt Miller is a baseball legend here in Lubbock. Miller pitched at Monterey High School in the early 90's, from there he pitched at Texas Tech and then in 1996, he was drafted in the second round by the Detroit Tigers, but he says his career really began when he played Little League ball.

Watching Little League pitcher Garrett Williams throw that infamous fastball has opened a floodgate of memories for former Major League pitcher Matt Miller.

While Miller has played at every level, he says his career really started as a little leaguer. When it comes to his favorite memories, Miller says those actually occurred far from the mound.

"I think more than anything you don't remember the game as much as you remember being at the ball park eating your sno cone, playing cup ball and hop box and pickle and just hanging out with other kids," Miller said.

While the game remains the same, Miller says there have been some major changes since he played Little League.

"When I was 12-years-old, I looked like I was 12-years-old and most of these kids appear to be driving and shaving, so I think more than anything you can count on the teams to get to Williamsport that have already hit puberty," Miller said.

A reason Miller believes the Western Little League All-Stars will go far in the World Series tournament.

"I would say they should get to the U.S. Finals, and then it will come down to how deep is this pitching staff. Obviously we got one or two kids but if somebody gets in trouble what are they going to be able to do if they get down in the game," Miller said.

Win or not, Miller hopes the boys will take a moment to look around and take everything in.

"Remember everything. Take a million pictures take a million videos and just try to suck it all in because this is literally a once in a lifetime deal," Miller said.

Miller has actually worked with one of the Western All-Stars. He gave Tyler Thorne pitching lessons about four years ago.

If you have a special little league story about the Western All Stars or if you would like to share you own little league memories, we want to hear from you. E-mail us at

Coming up Tuesday, another Lubbock baseball great shares his prediction for the Lubbock Western All- Stars.

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