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Second DeLeon Recall Petition Fails

"I think it's an exciting day to know that this petition has failed," Lubbock City Councilwoman Linda DeLeon said. 

A second petition to oust DeLeon from office has failed by 16 signatures.  Now organizers tell NewsChannel 11 they plan to review the city secretary's work.

Petition organizers want to review the count before speaking on camera, but DeLeon is already speaking out, telling the media it's time for District 1 work together.

NewsChannel 11 spoke with DeLeon shortly after city staff released the petition results.

City Secretary Becky Garza and her staff invalidated 78 signatures overall.  Garza went over those details Tuesday afternoon.

Garza says 40-signatures were not qualified, meaning they didn't have a voting record. Remember, only registered voters could sign the petition. Twenty-three signatures were people not registered to vote in District 1.

Fifteen other names were thrown out for other problems, including incorrect dates of birth, not writing a signing date, and some people signed twice according to Garza.  She says duplicate names were counted, but only once.

Councilwoman DeLeon says she hopes that organizers will not pick up a third petition so that everyone can move on toward more progress in District 1.

"It's a small group, band of citizens that are very disgruntled, and I wish their efforts that they've put into this petition could be better directed in working together for the good of this community," DeLeon said.

The Gonzales family, who have lead the push to recall DeLeon, tells us they won't be able to pick up a copy of the petition with the recall results until Wednesday.  They plan to make a statement after they look everything over.

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