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Consider This...Teachers Deserve More

Next Monday, it's back to school for area kids.

Right now thousands of teachers are already hard at work preparing the classroom for those young minds. And those teachers have a job that is rarely fully-valued. In fact, teachers arguably have the most important job in society.

We raise our kids in hopes they will learn basic morals, ethics, and principles. It is the job of the teachers to build on that foundation for future success. It is a priceless and yet sometimes thankless job.

So consider this, our teachers do a lot and deserve more considerations. First, I believe it's time we give more authority back to our teachers. I want to know that a teacher can take appropriate action in my absence if my child is being disruptive.

I also think it is sad that teachers must pay for creative classroom projects out of their own pockets. That basically means a teacher going above and beyond is financially penalized. There is good news though. Organizations like the Lubbock Area Foundation are helping. This year, they will give out almost $30,000s in mini-grants to area teachers to offset the costs of those essential classroom projects.

Finally, I think we should all take a few moments to not only meet our kid's teachers, but to thank them. This year many Lubbock teachers will receive a much deserved pay raise. I think they are worth much more and we should all let them know.

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