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Lubbock Could Have A New Millionaire

Lubbock may be home to the Texas Lottery's newest millionaire. NewsChannel 11 learned the potential winner already contacted the Texas Lottery Commission to find out how to claim the prize.

Raff & Hall Pharmacy at 34th and I-27 could be the luckiest store in town. That's where a $20.00 scratch off ticket could turn into $1 million for a lucky Lubbock Lottery player.  

The game is called $1-million Extravaganza.  We've learned there are approximately 3,840,000 tickets in the series, and only four are $1 million winners.

According to the Texas Lottery's website, no one has claimed a $1 million prize yet, so Lubbock could also be home to the first $1 million winner in this game.

The Lottery Commission tells us they will not release the potential winner's name until they pass a validation process and claim the prize, and even then the winner can chose to remain anonymous.

To collect the money, the winner does have to go to Austin to the Texas Lottery Commission Headquarters. There's a chance the store is also a winner. Texas Lottery's website says retailers receive $10,000 for a $1 million top prize scratch off.

The rules say a prize must be claimed no later than 180 days after the close of game, and according to the rules, this game will close soon after all the top prizes are claimed, so Lubbock's potential winner should have enough time.

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