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Food for Thought Report 8.23

Embassy Suites at 5215 S. Loop 289, Frenchman's Inn at 4409 19th Street and Taco Bell at 402 Ave. Q were all perfect in their last health inspections.

Food for Thought 8.23
Here is a complete list of the restaurants and their violations for the week ending on 8/23/07.

Now to our low performers.

Inspectors cited Boogie D's Catfish and Grill at 50th and Slide with 8 critical violations.

  • Cold foods were not 41 degrees or below.
  • Raw fish was above cobbler in a cooler. This poses the risk for cross-contamination.
  • Sliced and shredded cheese were not date marked.
  • There was very little hot water pressure in the bathrooms.
  • A bucket was in front of a hand sink.
  • A paper towel dispenser at a hand sink was broken.
  • A bleach solution was too strong and a toxic cleaner was next to plates.
  • According to the report, a potato press had mass amounts of crusted particles hanging off of it.

An employee says everything was flawless in their re-inspection. According to the report, all but two of the violations were corrected at the time of the initial inspection.

Carniceria Sonora butchery and deli at 2837 Clovis Road also had 8 critical violations.

  • Pig skin and sliced cheese were thrown out after inspectors found them at room temperature.
  • Several cans were dented.
  • Employees handled tortillas without gloves.
  • Pig skin was drying on a pastry rack next to uncovered pastries. Blood from raw meat was dripping on to a package of cheese.
  • Deli meat and cut melons were not date marked.
  • There was no running water at a hand sink. Another hand sink did not have cold water.
  • A dish washer was not sanitizing.
  • Food was dried onto a meat slicer.

No one was able to give us a comment, but the report shows all but one of the violations were corrected while the inspector was there.

La Michoacano meat market at 2131 Clovis Road had 9 critical violations.

  • Several foods including; lengua and beef were not cooling properly and had to be thrown out.
  • Beef and pork were not at least 135 degrees.
  • An employee did not wash their hands before putting on gloves.
  • Papaya and cantaloupe were rotten.
  • A dead insect was found in a food bowl.
  • Windex was next to food.
  • Dishes were not being sanitized.
  • Multiple items were dirty, including a utensil container and take out bowls.
  • The facility did not have the correct food thermometer.

Management was unavailable for comment, but the report shows most violations were corrected during the inspections.

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