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Are Certain Sodas Contributing to Diabetes?

A popular syrup that many companies use as a sugar substitute is the latest ingredient to come under scrutiny.

The study comes from Rutgers University where researchers have found that sodas sweetened with high fructose corn syrup instead of sugar contain high levels of compounds that may still play a role in the development of diabetes, especially when consumed in large amounts.

But the Corn Refiners Association and the American Beverage Association sharply disagree, so here are both sides of the argument, starting with this new concern for consumers.

"It's just a cheaper substitute for sugar. And they feel they can drink a lot of it and they are getting overweight because of it and diabetic because of it," said Dr. Ronald Cobbs, an Endocrinologist.

"Test tube studies are not the final word and we have to be careful about over-interpreting what the results really mean," said Dr. Maureen Storey with the Center for Food, Nutrition & Ag at the University of Maryland.

Both sides agree on one thing, that whether we drink diet sodas or not, Americans are consuming way too many calories overall in fatty foods and sweets and, in general, not getting enough exercise.

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