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Parental Support Is a Big Part of Western All-Star Success

The battle for the US Little League Championship title begins Saturday afternoon. The Lubbock Western All-Stars enter the game with an undefeated tournament record, and they're looking to stay that way.

A big part of that equation has been the work of the players parents. If you look in the stands at the game, every parent is here in Williamsport cheering on not only their son, but what seems to be their extended family of 10 other sons. For the most part, the emotions on the field equal that of the highs and lows felt by the parents in the stands and the coaching box.

"It's hard, you know. At times, I just want to be so happy for my kid, and keeping that balance, you know, with my kid and coaching the kids, so sometimes it's probably not fair to him, but you know he's a great kid, and I would not trade him for anybody," Coach Gerald Arredondo said.  

"It means a whole lot to me because in regionals my dad wasn't there, like the last few games, and so Im real excited he's here now," Catcher Gregory Hewitt said. 

Gregory's dad Carey Hewitt says, "I think Gregory enjoys knowing that his family is here and not just us, but his grandparents, his brother is here, everybody had tried to come, everybody that can come is here."

Red Raider baseball Coach Larry Hays is echoing that sentiment of parental support. Hays says, "I think the thing that separates them is the time that some of their parents have spent helping these kids get to that level that they are and then the coaches that they have." Hays thinks the Western All Stars have the ability to go all the way and win the world title. He says pitching is key.

Lubbock plays for the US Title in the Little League World Series at 2:30 p.m. on Saturday. They are facing Georgia.

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