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A Little League Mother's Diary: Part 3- Double Practice Day

Friday, August 24, 2007

This was another day of laundry and a little bit of sight-seeing for some family members.  A few more families made the trip to Hershey, PA, and had a great time with the warm and dry weather.  Others stayed closer to the hotel and walked down Millionaire's Row admiring homes dating back to the mid 1800's.  This is a beautiful town full of history.  It's quite interesting to visit with local residents and learn more about Williamsport.

The moms didn't get to see or spend any time with the boys today.  It was all business for them, as it should be.  They had two practices today, and it sounds like they were glad to be outdoors now that the weather is cooperating.  The dads report that they are focused and excited about tomorrow's U.S. championship game against Georgia.

We check the Internet quite often to try to catch the latest about what's happening in Lubbock.  Many of us were near tears when we heard the song KLLL recorded and is playing in tribute to the team.  My older son (go Tech!) immediately burned it to a CD so that we could blast it from the car stereo.  We are overwhelmed with the amazing support of our community and are extremely grateful to call Lubbock home. 

Dianne Hewett

(Mom of Gregory Hewett, catcher)

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