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Fans React To Lubbock Western's Final World Series Game

Win or lose, the Lubbock Little League Western All-Stars have struck the heartstrings of Lubbockites.

"They're literally living a dream because they've worked for this for three years. Every kid that plays Little League baseball, I mean when my son was playing, your dream is to go to the Little League World Series," said longtime supporter Susan Cannon.

It's a dream that the Lubbock All-Stars can now call a memory.

"They'll have memories of this that'll last them the rest of their lives. I can see them as they get older and they have kids of their own, they'll have something that they can share with their kids that they'll never forget," said Tim Tivis.

Tivis knows a little something about Little League baseball. Specifically, the Western All-Stars. Up until a few years ago, he was their coach. And for him, Lubbock's youngest and newest heroes are doing more than just playing baseball.

"I think it's awesome to see these guys up there and playing, representing Lubbock and representing Western Little League. And you know, when they get to that level they really are representing the entire city of Lubbock," Tivis added.

"To achieve this goal...if you think of all the number of teams that play just to get there," said Cannon.

And even though they didn't win The Little League World Series we can safely call The Western All-Stars the second best team in the country and the third best team in the world. But really, what's in a title?

"If you're a baseball fan, you watch them win or lose," added Cannon.

Lubbock Western All-Stars at the Little League World Series
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