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The First Day Of School - From A Different Perspective

"She got me up... We um, she um... She dressed me then I, um... Then we straightened my hair then we got my backpack and then we went to school," new kindergartner Aspen said.

"Aspen, how old are you?" Aspen's teacher asked.  

"Five and a half," Aspen exclaimed.

"Let's wiggle, ready? 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5," Aspen's teacher said.

It's Aspens first day of kindergarten at Lubbock's new Centennial Elementary School, and like so many of her peers, Aspen was prepared with all the right gear.

"My tennis shoes for P.E. and um... My blanket for um... Nap time and I brought school supplies," Aspen said.

But she did have something the other kids didn't: a NewsChannel 11 microphone.

"When you talk, they can hear it," Aspen said to a friend. "Why?" the friend asked. "I don't know!" Aspen replied.

But the first day of school isn't just a new beginning for students.

"I'm excited. Nervous. That's what I try to tell my kindergartners. I'm just as nervous as they are and it's okay to feel that way," Tracy Finter said.

Like Aspen, Tracy is also starting her first day of school at Centennial as a first time kindergarten teacher.

"Scary. It's very scary. I've had a hard time keeping the tears away," Tracy said.

Tracy is teaching in room 205.

"I was a little worried last night if she'd make it or not, but we're here," Tracy said.

But there's nothing to worry about because just down the hall in room 204...

"Hi my name is Aspen."

"Can you shake his hand? Hi, Aspen!" 

"There's a friend, Aspen. Can everybody say hi Aspen?" said Aspen's teacher.

That's Aspen Finter, Tracy's daughter.

"As a mom, I had to drop her off at the first day of kindergarten and then go be a teacher. I didn't have time for the tears and the sappy good-byes. She just kind of waved at me at the door, and we went on," Tracy said.

And now both mother and daughter, student and teacher, are ready for Tuesday.

"Day one's a great day. It's been a great day. Looking forward to day two," Tracy said. 

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